SmartFootprint™ for Public Utilities  

SmartFootprint™ focuses on supporting smart planning for design and construction of electric and water utilities’ infrastructure. SmartFootprint™’s decision-making tools call upon multiple types of input data to create composite maps to determine least-cost paths for utilities, minimizing cost and environmental impact. These solutions integrate dozens of weighted criteria (environmental, demographic, cultural, cost, etc.) to build raster cost surfaces/heat maps.

SmartFootprint™ Provides Public Utilities:

  • Capability to create, analyze, query, investigate, and visualize optimal utility routing for consideration
  • Accurate estimates for utility infrastructure costs
  • Cost estimates for manually-edited utility route features
  • High-resolution utility route elevation profile
  • Detailed crossing reports (e.g. roads, streams, etc.)
  • Tools for optimized site selection for facilities (e.g. electrical sub-station)

SmartFootprint™ Benefits:

  • Minimize cost
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Limit scheduling conflicts
  • Reduce ecological impact

Case Studies



The routing capabilities of SmartFootprint™ are ideal for managing and construction of public utilities.