SmartFootprint™ for Energy   

SmartFootprint™ plays a key role in oil and gas and alternative energy projects. SmartFootprint™ provides an easy to use simulation environment that supports sound decision-making with regard to pipeline routing, pipeline cost analysis, and risk mitigation; essentially putting advanced tools into the hands of decision makers at all levels of management. SmartFootprint™ is available for land-based energy infrastructure projects and also as SmartFootprint™ for Oceans, specialized for offshore applications.

Earth Analytic has provided services to nationwide oil and gas companies as well as wind and solar farms in the U.S. and South America.

SmartFootprint™ Provides Energy Companies:

  • Capability to create, analyze, query, investigate, and visualize optimal pipeline routing for consideration
  • Accurate estimates for pipeline construction costs
  • Cost estimates for manually-edited pipeline route features
  • High-resolution pipeline route elevation profile
  • Detailed crossing reports (e.g. roads, streams, etc.)
  • Tools for optimized site selection for energy facilities (e.g. well pad)

SmartFootprint™ Benefits:

  • Minimize cost
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Limit scheduling conflicts
  • Reduce ecological impact

Case Studies

Williams, Inc.


Earth Analytic works nationwide with Energy Companies to provide data analysis tools.