Wetherbee Dorshow, PhD
Wetherbee Dorshow, PhDPresident & CEO
Wetherbee Dorshow is president and owner of Earth Analytic, Inc. (EAI). Wetherbee also serves as the Executive Director of The GIS Institute, a not-for-profit organization that investigates human adaptations to environmental change with advanced geospatial technology and science. Wetherbee also is an Assistant Adjunct Professor in the Anthropology Dept. at the University of New Mexico. Wetherbee has over 27 years of experience as a professional archaeologist, scientist, GIS analyst and web developer. Wetherbee has earned a Doctor of Philosophy, Anthropology (Archaeology) and an MA, Anthropology (Archaeology) from the University of New Mexico, as well as a BA, Anthropology from the University of Vermont.
Lucas Broyles
Lucas Broyles Senior GIS Specialist
Lucas Broyles offers over 10 years of professional GIS expertise; specializing in the design, implementation, customization, management, and support of large-scale enterprise geographic information systems (eGIS). Lucas also provides well-rounded development and support knowledge of ESRI’s web-based software as well as ESRI’s GPS integration software. He excels in full cycle of GIS workflows with collection, management, display, and deployment by utilizing the majority of ESRI’s suite of desktop and internet applications. Lucas has a BS, Geography & Computer Information Systems from Western Kentucky University.
Tonya Fallis
Tonya Fallis GIS Analyst
As a GIS Analyst and Archaeologist with over a decade of experience with the New Mexico Cultural Resources Information System (NMCRIS), Tonya developed customized scripts and tools to standardize data transfer and conduct spatial analysis of archaeological data through NMCRIS. She has created ArcGIS Online maps of historic sites as a public outreach initiative for the New Mexico Historic Preservation Division. At EAI, Tonya has created ArcGIS models and workflows to help government and corporate clients in landscape modeling and suitability analysis. Tonya currently serves as the Society for American Archaeology’s New Mexico Education Coordinator. Tonya has an MA in Anthropology from Eastern New Mexico University and a Graduate Certificate in GIS from Penn State University.
Kimberly Kearns, M.S.
Kimberly Kearns, M.S.Consultant / Senior Program Manager
Kimberly brings to Earth Analytic over 15 years of experience in geospatial analysis, solution implementation, and project and program management in support of a variety of vertical markets, including Oil & Gas, Mining Exploration, Utilities, and Public Safety. She has a strong technical understanding of GIS technology, as well as broad experience managing various different projects, ranging from large-scale, web-based systems to desktop analysis and mobile solutions. She has extensive experience in the full project lifecycle, including end-to-end SDLC. Kimberly’s professional experience includes Esri, OneOcean Corporation, Natural Resources Canada / Parks Canada, and other clients as an independent consultant. She has worked with numerous end clients, including Cisco Systems, Sempra Utilities, PSE&G, AngloGold Ashanti, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, and The Williams Company. Her formal education includes an MS degree in GIS and Geology, and a Certificate in Project Management.
Jim Attlesey
Jim AttleseyDirector of Marketing
Jim Attlesey is a veteran marketing professional with more than 30 years of experience. Jim has worked for and/or provided consulting services to major U.S. advertising agencies, media and marketers. Jim specializes in marketing, strategic planning, media and marketing research, sales management, advertising, and magazine publishing. Jim holds a BS, Business Administration (Advertising) from Arizona State University. Living in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife, son and daughter, Jim is an entrepreneur, outdoor enthusiast, adventurer, and a drummer in a rock band.
Alison Chakoumakos
Alison ChakoumakosOffice Administrator
Alison Chakoumakos is Earth Analytic’s office administator. Along with keeping EAI staff supplied and organized, Alison’s maintenance skills keep the office in good shape. Alison has a B.A. in Elementary Education and was a schoolteacher for many years. She also worked as an educator for the developmentally disabled. Alison is an avid outdoorswoman and enjoys carpentry, playing piano, and training in the martial arts.


Earth Analytic, Inc. specializes in science-based design, implementation, and management of geographic information systems for energy and conservation projects. We provide a broad spectrum of mapping, geospatial analysis, consulting, and environmental services for scientists, engineers, planners, land managers, energy and utility companies, conservation groups, and governmental agencies.
Earth Analytic, Inc. (EAI), a Santa Fe, New Mexico consulting firm was founded in January 2000, specializing in the design, implementation, use and management of geographic information systems (GIS) for natural and cultural resource projects.

In EAI’s early years, EAI built customized GIS systems for ranches covering over 2,000,000 acres across the US. Between 2003 and 2005, EAI helped design and engineer The Trust For Public Land’s (TPL) Greenprinting analysis framework.

EAI grew into providing enterprise GIS consulting services for major energy companies, including Devon Energy, Constellation Energy, and Encana Oil & Gas (USA). At Encana, EAI helped to design and implement a robust Pipeline Integrity program, developing a customized ArcGIS Pipeline Data Model (APDM) and a suite of more than 30 custom tools designed to facilitate the capture and analysis of more than 90 pipeline risk attributes.

In the renewable energy sector, EAI oversaw the development and implementation of a comprehensive GIS database and analysis framework for Torch Renewables. This geospatial integration effort included hands-on training, analysis and tool development focused on targeting lands for leasing of wind rights, capture and analysis of site-specific meteorological data, and wind forecasting/early warning system design for wind farms.