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Earth Analytic’s Award-Winning SmartFootprint Solution

SmartFootprint™ provides an easy to use simulation environment that supports sound decision-making with regard to planning, siting, routing, cost analysis, and risk mitigation; essentially putting advanced tools into the hands of decision makers at all levels of management. Click here to download our SmartFootprint™ Brochure.
  • Runs on the desktop or server
  • Combined solution includes tools, data and services

SmartFootprint products available for purchase include Desktop, Server, and subscription-based, fully hosted solutions.

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A sales representative will respond to your email within 1 business day. You can also reach us at 505-349-0407 for more information, pricing, purchasing and live demo scheduling.

SmartFootprint™ plays a key role in oil and gas and alternative energy projects.
The routing capabilities of SmartFootprint™ are ideal for managing and construction of public utilities.
SmartFootprint™ for Oceans uses a suite of tools to model offshore route options which are technically feasible, cause minimal environmental impact, and can be constructed at reasonable cost.
SmartFootprint™’s flexible decision-making tools can be applied to a variety of conservation and planning efforts.
Earth Analytic has consulted with over a dozen private ranches using SmartFootprint™

SmartFootprint™ Benefits:

  • Minimize cost
  • Maximize efficiency
  • Limit scheduling conflicts
  • Reduce ecological impact

SmartFootprint™ Provides GIS Users:

  • The capability to create, analyze, query, investigate, and visualize optimal plans, routes, and sites for consideration
  • Accurate estimates for costs
  • Cost estimates for manually-edited routing features
  • High-resolution route elevation profile
  • Detailed crossing reports (e.g. roads, streams, etc.)
  • Tools for optimized site selection facilities

SmartFootprint™ Includes:

  • Easy-to-use ArcGIS geo-processing models
  • Template ArcMap map documents
  • Python scripts
  • Documentation designed specifically to support pipeline routing and reporting

Earth Analytic SmartFootprint™ Tools


Weighted overlay toolset for ArcGIS Desktop that generates a hierarchical suite of raster ‘cost surfaces’, or heat maps, representing relative plan/route/site suitability.

ROUTE FINDER (See Demo Video!)

Plan/route/site selection tool that automates route selection through least cost path and corridor analysis.


Plan/route/site reporting tool that displays and summarizes the type, identification, and stationing of line crossings and provides an itemized estimate of construction costs.


Route profile tool that generates an elevation profile and an associated data table for a proposed route.


Site selection tool that delineates and ranks zones of relative suitability for locating facilities.


Site assessment tool that characterizes the physiography (e.g. average slope, cut/fill parameters) and relative suitability (summary statistics for SmartFootprint™ scores) of zones defined by the SiteFinder tool.

Earth Analytic SmartFootprint™ Data Bundles

SmartFootprint™ Data Bundles are integrated sets of environmental and economic suitability GIS datasets that support optimized planning, construction and management.

  • Plug and play input to SmartFootprint™ ArcGIS Server & Arc GIS Desktop Extensions
  • Thematic map overlays and web services
  • Input to custom GIS workflows


Color-coded heat maps combine many environmental and engineering criteria, and are used to guide plans, routes, and facilities construction. Examples:

  • Slope
  • Transportation
  • Land Use & Zoning
  • Water Resources


Suite of input datasets and derived criteria rasters (e.g. stream proximity) used to create a final (default) SmartFootprint™ Route Selection cost surface for the project area.


Suite of input datasets and derived criteria rasters (e.g. contiguous zones of moderate slope) used to create a final (default) Facility Site Selection SmartFootprint™ cost surface for the project area.

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