GIS-Enabled Archaeology

Earth Analytic is distinguished by our depth of experience in an array of earth science and archaeological studies.  We develop, implement and support GIS/GPS systems customized to archaeological and historical investigation, three-dimensional models of artifact distribution and stratigraphy, archaeological database management design and implementation, and modeling of prehistoric landscapes.

Earth Analytic is currently consulting with the City of Santa Fe to provide a comprehensive geodatabase solution for managing archaeological preservation projects in the City’s historic downtown district.

EAI Provides Archaeologists:

  • Customized GIS, data collection, data storage and modeling tools, scaled to your budget and project needs.
  • Our customized, flexible geodatabase designs support efficient data collection and management, saving time and money both in the field and during analysis and report preparation.
  • Earth Analytic is reseller of GPS data collection hardware and Esri GIS software applications at competitive prices.
  • Earth Analytic retains a wide variety of partnerships with specialists in archaeological and environmental sciences which we can draw upon for specific project needs.

Archaeology-Specific Benefits:

  • GIS systems customized to specific project needs, with customized geodatabases for efficient data storage, map templates for printing and display, and seamless integration with GPS systems for data transfer.
  • GPS hardware and software solutions, which can capture data in the field using customized software for direct transfer to desktop GIS and geodatabase.
  • Archaeological geodatabases, flexible and scalable from small site-specific studies to large landscape management projects.
  • Lidar-enabled three-dimensional modeling of artifact and feature distribution and stratigraphy to provide lifelike reproductions and walkthroughs of sites.
  • Landscape modeling, using knowledge of the existing archaeological landscape and key geomorphological and environmental variables, to predict the likelihood of site location to assist in management, research, and planning.

Case Studies

University of Maine at Farmington

Earth Analytic is distinguished by our depth of experience in an array of earth science and archaeological studies.